Transforming students through teaching the power of writing

Middle School Writers Day Activity – prepared by Diana Ortiz-Beaudet

Videos referenced in slideshow created by Jason Silva – Shots of Awe

If you ever want to get an honest look into a student’s mind, spend time with them in a classroom.   Below you will find two submissions from a middle school writing event.  I challenged the students to write on various topics and gave the option of not submitting their work to be posted online IF it allowed them to write with more freedom.  One student volunteered to read his piece aloud.  It was fantastic and emotional.  I was fascinated by the experience being surrounded by strong and established writers . I am excited to post the two pieces shared with me. Enjoy a sneak peak into the ever growing minds of our future.

“The Foam…” By ‘Kelli Green’ April 25, 2016

The foam froths in the midnight water.  The wind flutters past.  I hear birds sing their soothing song.  Slowly darkness lifts its’ dark cloak. Timid as a mouse, the sun peaks above the rolling waves.  Basking the sleeping world with golden light, colors fill the sky.  It’s like a painting but bigger, brighter and so much more beautiful.  It is nature, a perfect balance of light and dark. Taken for granted by humans. Humans who have yet to prove their worthiness of the glory of this land. They think they own the earth, but Mother Nature only tolerates.  A small storm, a little wave, a flicker of flame, and all would be gone.  She believes there is good, there is hope. Desperately she tries to convince them to change. She points to the sky in wondrous beauty, wishing they would understand. But as soon as these humans wake up, the colors fade away. The sky turns to grey, full of smoke and dust, slowly killing their world.  And it will all begin tomorrow because Nature believes.

“The Perfect Day” by ‘DaFish’ April 25, 2016

The perfect place to wake up in is in your own bed, on a Saturday morning when it is Sunny out. [And] on that day, just go and do things you never thought about doing or have done before.  Those things could be like cliff diving, sky diving, or something at the beach.

(Feel free to use this activity, I also have the activity outline and details. Please denote credits as applicable. It would be a shame to tarnish a new writer’s experience online.)
Writers Day Activity prepared by Diana Ortiz-Beaudet

Videos referenced in slideshow created by Jason Silva – Shots of Awe


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